Frequently Asked Questions

1. Staging tips:

The better prepared your home is, the better the images will present.
'Less is more'- Remove all clutter (papers, coats/jackets, cables/cords) and personal items (photographs etc.) from all rooms.
Clean...and then clean some more- Assure all floors and surfaces are spotless.

Assure exterior windows are clean.
Landscaping should be well maintained.
Clean furniture.

Open up all blinds and curtains.
Turn on all lights including lamps, ceiling and counter/surface lights. If any bulbs are burned out, replace.

Living Room:
Remove magazines from tables; books always look better.
Remove TV/Console remotes
Assure that any cables/cords are hidden.

Remove papers and magnets from fridge.
Remove garbage cans, hand-towels, linen towels, soaps, dish racks, cutting boards, cleaning products and accessories.
Flowers or a bowl of fruit always looks great.

Dining Room:
Flowers or a fruit bowl looks good on table.

Bedspread should be wrinkle-free.
Remove any items under bed that are visible.
Remove clutter from bedside tables.

Remove everything from countertops and from the tub/shower.
Remove laundry baskets, garbage cans and bath mats.
Clean towels.
Close toilet seat.

2. Pricing:

We are happy to work with all clients on pricing.

Sizable discounts for volume clients. 

3. Scheduling:

We understand how the realty industry can be, that things happen very rapidly and last-minute scheduling is often necessary. We're cool with that!

4. How long does the shoot take?

A shoot of a studio/1-bedroom will take approximately 1.5 hrs. if the unit is clean, organized and pre-staged. Shoot times increase as unit size increases.

5. What is the turn-around time for images?


6. How many images can I expect to receive?

Studios/1-Bedroom- approx. 12

2- Bedrooms- approx. 18

3- Bedrooms- approx. 24

7. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, discounts apply to volume clients.

8. What's not included?

Facilities (Gym, Pool, Lobby etc.)


9. Layer Masking/Window Replacement:

Where window views are important, re:photony uses a technique wherein multiple exposures are combined so that both the interior and exterior are balanced. This technique requires a bit more time on both front and back end.

Interior exposures +

Exterior exposures=

Final Image

Using Format